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guidelines for food donations

Print this page to use while shopping for the Village.

Please Check "Use By" Dates Before Donating To Any Village (FREE)DGE Location. Ensure All Ingredients Are Listed On Products.

Thank you so much.


Small bags of rice      Hot dogs              Oatmeal


Canned goods            Bottled water      Grits

Potatoes                      Dry beans            Cereal

Fresh Vegetables        Yogurt                 Cabbage           

Fresh Fruits               Butter                    Breakfast foods

Canned/Pack Tuna    Cooking oil

Crackers (Snack size)  Granola bars

Lunch meat                 Drink mix 

Cheese                         Eggs

Milk                              Hygiene products

Noodles                        Baby food

Condiments                 Vienna sausage

Mayo & Mustard        Bread: Sliced & Sub



Ramen/Cup Noodles   


Non-nutritious food

Meals/ Any foods prepared at home

Highly processed food

Half eaten food/left overs

Moldy produce/fruits

Dented/rusted cans


Sugary products

Anything you wouldn’t eat yourself!

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