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“The Village (FREE)DGE was started to bridge the gap in hunger throughout communities in South Florida. Yes, there are many food drives but some people don’t have cars to get there, and that’s where the (Free)dge comes in.”


Sherina Jones is a South, Fl business owner with a passion for helping her community. Jones is an esthetician and owner of Snob Beauty Box, a lash extension and skincare business, in Miramar, and just launched her skincare brand, 11|Seven Skin Essentials. After the pandemic hit, she wanted to help the Black and Brown communities that have been disproportionately affected in a way that could change their lives.


Jones and partners Isaiah Thomas and Danny Agnew of Roots Black Collective set up a community refrigerator in Liberty City to help feed the locals who are struggling to purchase food for their families which birthed three more fridges in Miami, Fl.