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“The Village (FREE)DGE was started to bridge the gap in hunger throughout communities in South Florida. Yes, there are many food drives but some people don’t have cars to get there, and that’s where the (Free)dge comes in.”


Sherina Jones is a South, Fl business owner with a passion for helping her community. Jones is an esthetician and owner of Snob Beauty Box, lash extensions and skincare business, in Miramar Fl. She wanted to find a way to help families and those affected by the events taken place during the pandemic and starting community refrigerators came to mind.


Starting Village (FREE)DGE:

Jones and partnered with Isaiah Thomas and Danny Agnew of Roots Black Collective & found a grassroot way to help the community in August 2020 by setting up a community refrigerator "Village (FREE)DGE" in Liberty City to help feed the locals who are struggling to purchase food for their families. The community refrigerators are located outside of local businesses, accessible 24/7 and filled with fresh foods for those in need. The Motto of the (FREE)DGE "Take What You Need, Leave Something For Others." We now have 3 (FREE)DGE locations, they are listed in the "locate a fridge" section on the main menu.  We are looking to partner with other businesses and organizations to touch more communities & help fight food insecurities by putting out more Village (FREE)DGES. 

The Pantry

As the location at Roots Black House begin to get more traction, the crowd we serve has grown rapidly. From feeding 30-50 a day has heightened to 150-200 families and individuals a day. We had to think of a way to serve the crowd so more are fed everyday, the Pantry was born. We serve hot breakfast/meals with coffee daily. We created a 3-tier food bag system to get families and individuals through the day, depending on their level of need. From the houseless population to people that have a home but experiencing a hard time all utilize the (FREE)DGES and pantry to get through the day. Village (FREE)DGE and Pantry is helping/serving so many in the black and brown community that has been disproportionately affected in ways that have changed their lives. We are on the ground, in the community taking care of them everyday. It Takes A Village!

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